New single coming out soon!

Beer break at the studio!

                      Beer break at the studio.

As of March 7th, we’ve been back in the studio working on our next album! We’re doing most of the tracking to tape at Big Red Studio with the very talented Eric Broestl (engineering/producing) and Blake Jefferson (assisting). Overdubs are getting cut at the lovely Soundscape City (Nate’s house, *cough). We’ll be releasing a single from the album very soon, with the full length coming in fall/winter of 2015.

There’s a lot to be excited about for our upcoming releases, least of which is that Matt Bayles will be mixing them! Matt has produced and engineered some of our favorite bands including Minus the Bear and Russian Circles. We’re also having some guest appearances, including Carmelle Kniss on backing vocals for the upcoming single. It’s sounding sick already and it’s not even mixed!

We head up to Seattle to chill with Matt as he blows up our single on April 24-25th.

Much love,



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