White Bear Polar Tundra released their sophomore effort, Filter the Noise, in late August 2016. The album was warmly received in the Northwest and abroad in Canada and Europe, garnering radio play and positive reviews. Eric Broestl recorded the album to tape at Big Red Studio in 2015, and overdubs were meticulously recorded by Nate Stoll at Soundscape City throughout 2016. It is their most representative work to date and matches the scope and energy of their live show.

“It’s suffused by a sound that I have never heard executed so well before. Nostalgia and innovation go hand in hand on Filter the Noise, giving us the best from the last two decades while capturing the sound of a band taking their second step into the future.”

– Dominik Boehmer, It Djents

“The arrangements are huge…What if Sunny Day Real Estate had a foot on post/prog-rock and had Layne Staley on vocals.”

Oblique Musique

“Top 10 Emerging Portland Bands of 2015”

The Deli Magazine

WBPT is: Ethan Bear (bass) / Patrick Beaulieu-Hardin (guitar) / Nate Stoll (drums) / Zein Hassanein (vocals)

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